» KIDS’ middle cabin

KIDS’ middle cabin


Floating all-rounder.

The kids’ middle cabin perfectly meets the demands and needs of two adults. It also offers ample room for three children or two adults and one child. Unlike the other cabins, guests sleep here in three comfortable single beds. Children can sit and paint at a small desk or play with the cabin’s iPad. The cheerful children’s drawings on the wall provide inspiration for their artistic endeavours.

In addition, a large bathroom, fully equipped with a shower and toilet, ensures that everyone is on deck in time to enjoy the day’s adventures in full.


  • 3 x single beds with a width of 60 to 80 cm and length of 2 m for 3 adults or 3 children
  • Loewe LED TV, 36″
  • Loewe AirSpeaker
  • AppleTV for access to the movie library
  • Apple iPad mini for controlling the Loewe AirSpeaker (music) and AppleTV (videos)
  • Air conditioning
  • Large bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Fittings from Dornbracht